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13 May
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The KEPSA lands sector board seeks a way forward towards achieving efficiency in the land sector

The KEPSA Land, Housing and Urban Development Sector Board held a meeting on 7th April 2014 at KEPSA offices. The meeting sought to discuss various Sector issues, develop a way forward towards achieving efficiency in the land sector and seek a way forwardin working with the Government to achieve land reforms.

Mr. Peter Mwangi, a partner at Walker Kontos Advocates also representing the Law Society of Kenya presented to the sector Board the Land Registration (Amendment) Bill2014 and outlined key highlights of interest to the private sector. He said that he is part of a committee involved in developing the Bill. He added and said that the Bill is in its final stages having already gone through public consultations at the national and county levels. He called upon KEPSA to assist in pushing the Bill forward and ensure that it is enacted.

The recommendations that were tabled from the Bill were seen as a solution to the various issues affecting the sector by the sector board members who then agreed to work towards pushing it forward through the various engagement forums.

As a way forward, it was agreed that a meeting will be held with the National Land Commission within the next two weeks to discuss the Bill and other related issues. KEPSA Secretariat was tasked to write and follow up with the National Land Commission to ensure that this meeting is held within the month of April.

Further, the sector Board nominated representatives to a technical committee as agreed in a previous Land, Housing and Urban Development Ministerial Stakeholders Forum. The committee is expected to develop a roadmap of implementation of various issues agreed in the Presidential Round Table held in February 2014 as well as others that may be deemed important in achieving efficiency of land processes.

The Committee shall comprisethree to fiveSenior Ministry officials appointed by the Cabinet Secretary and the following members from the Sector Board:

  1. Mr. Waweru Gatheca
  2. Ms. Robyn T Emerson
  3. Mr. Ibrahim Mwathane
  4. A representative from Kenya Association of Manufacturers ; and
  5. A representative from KEPSA Secretariat

The meeting also agreed to have a Ministerial Stakeholders Forum in preparation for the Presidential Round Table expected to be held in May 2014.
In attendance, were sector Board members and a representative of Law Society of Kenya.

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