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07 Jun
By: root 1


The KEPSA Gender and Youth Sector Board led by the Chairperson, Ms. Eva Muraya, held its monthly sector board meeting on Thursday, 6th June 2019 at KEPSA Offices.  The meeting’s focus surrounded the youth agenda as well a debrief of the Supplier Diversity Summit held on 29th May 2019.

On the Youth Agenda, the sector board received a presentation from Ongoza, one of the leading business accelerator organizations. The presentation focused on how Ongoza can support a hub for young entrepreneurs in a bid to address the challenges of youth unemployment. The hub would be a multi-sectoral resource that will provide young entrepreneurs with access to information about various business ideas, markets and investor linkages as well as technical assistance to scale their businesses.  The youth sub sector has been working on the Hub pilot initiative that seeks to provide technical assistance to eleven entrepreneurs over a period of six months. The lessons learnt from this pilot project will be scaled up to reach more youth within the nation.

The members of the sector board further reviewed the outcome of the supplier diversity summit held on 29th May 2019 at the Intercontinental Hotel.  The summit brought together government, private sector and development partners to activate greater supplier diversification in driving inclusive business in Kenya. This is to ensure that women, youth and PWD-owned enterprises are accessing procurement opportunities at all levels.

The review focused on the success, areas of improvement, opportunities and next steps. The next steps included paying invigorating partnerships with various stakeholders both public, private and development partners, planning for the next annual summit and workshops for capacity building of private sector members to uptake and implement diversity policies within their organizations.

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