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17 Apr
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Following a courtesy call to the Parliamentary Energy Committee, the Energy sector board organized a joint retreat whose theme was ‘Energy as a Catalyst for Industrialization’ from 5th -7th April 2018 at Leisure Lodge in Diani, Kwale County.

In her opening remarks, KEPSA CEO, Ms. Carole Kariuki mentioned the importance of KEPSA in strengthening bonds with the Legislature having engaged through the Speakers Roundtable for both houses and the respective committees. She noted Energy has a greater role to play in the attainment of the Big four Agenda, and for this reason, it was clear that there was need to work jointly to solve Kenya’s current energy challenges.

On his part, Eng. Kiva representing the Ministry of Energy said the engagement so far with the energy committee had highlighted some key issues that were within the ministry’s areas of focus: Adequacy of Energy; Transmission and distribution; and energy access.

The Chair of the Energy Committee Hon. David Gikaria thanked KEPSA for the engagement and input so far in the two key bills; Energy and Petroleum, 2017. He mentioned the committee will be tabling their report the following week and different stakeholders will be given feedback on reasons for adoption or rejection of their submission. The bills envisage that all players have a level playing field and he urged self-regulation among the private sector noting that as National Assembly, transparency and accountability were key. A major concern was the efficiency of government agencies with a proposal to have a one-stop shop to ensure the inclusion of counties in the ease of doing business.

Presentations were made on key issues in each of the sector board sub-sectors: Power Generation; Bioenergy; Off-Grid; Downstream Petroleum; Upstream Petroleum and presentations by the government agencies: Energy Regulatory Commission represented by the Director General, Mr. Pavel Oimeke; Kenya Electricity Transmission Co. represented by Eng. John Mativo; and Kenya Power represented by the CEO, Dr. Ken Tarus.

The meeting resolutions included:

  1. Set a framework for continuous engagement and consultations between the private sector and the Parliamentary Committee on Energy to enhance the direct link between legislation and the business environment;
  2. Parliamentary Energy Committee will use their oversight role to support private sector investment in the energy sector towards affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.
  3. Involvement of KEPSA through its analysis and research, and under the existing engagement framework, to inform the Parliamentary Energy Committee in their consideration of various legislation and policy;
  4. Create better understanding of the private sector challenges and develop proposals for their resolution and actively contribute to the Big 4 Agenda;
  5. Active engagement of KEPSA and the Energy Parliamentary Committee in development of subsidiary legislation to operationalize the Energy and Petroleum Bills, 2017;
  6. Discuss and develop a framework for increased transparency in cost build-up of goods and services and clarity in the demand for power to address inefficiencies in the system.

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