Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIBKenya) is established under the KEPSA Foundation through a fruitful partnership between MVO Nederland and KEPSA and is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

SIBKenya supports businesses to become Sustainable and Inclusive and helps them improve their practice by encouraging them to take responsibility for their full business Impact. It also promotes, supports and pushes to make businesses thrive and make the world a better place. SIBKenya believes that every business can contribute to a Sustainable Economy that has positive impact on People, Planet and Profit.

SIBKenya raises awareness, shares knowledge, bring networks together and facilitates processes of change through:

  • Knowledge sharing – SIB Kenya shares relevant knowledge and information with relevant audiences. This information includes examples of good practice, how to start and knowledge/information shared on need-to-basis by partners.
  • Business Scan – SIBKenya conducts business scans, and advices businesses accordingly, on how to start and where to improve. SIBKenya also documents a company’s milestones and efforts on Sustainable Inclusive Business.
  • Training– SIB Kenya assists businesses to map out their Sustainability and Inclusiveness through training.
  • Research & Market advise for business with SIB DNA – SIBKenya conducts country scans, sector scans and studies trends in collaboration with partners on a need-to-basis. For instance, a research was conducted on Inclusive Business in Kenya and the contribution of Inclusive Business to the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), in partnership with the Business Call to Action (BCtA). SIB Kenya has also worked with Orange Climate, ICare and 1%Club
  • Conference – SIB Kenya holds an annual conference that brings together businesses, government, academia and other stakeholders to meet, share, learn and grow.
  • Match making & business linkages – Business linkages are a channel for growth, capacity development and a boiling pot for solutions. SIB Kenya has a network of businesses with a new mindset, and ready for action.
  • Fruitful partnerships – Partnerships are a sure way for growth. SIB Kenya facilitates partnerships between businesses, government, academia and other organizations with matching agenda, to speed up the process of innovation, or sustainable inclusive growth.
  • Business Development Missions/Tours
  • Workshops & roundtable discussions
  • Project and program initiation, implementation, facilitation and management
  • Events on ‘hot SIB business topics’ & sectors.
  • Engagement on mainstream and social media – SIB Kenya has engaged on various topics through numerous newspaper articles, TV interviews and relevant social media. This is mainly to create awareness; showcasing good practice has been a sure way to affirm that sustainability works.