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12 Jun
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The Sports Culture and Arts Sector Committee held an internal planning meeting at the KEPSA offices where the agenda was to develop a roadmap to get the sector running effectively and efficiently as soon as possible. The Sports Culture and Arts Sector Committee is a new sector committee in KEPSA which was formally adopted at the KEPSA AGM in May 2015.

The meeting was attended by the Chair of the Sector Committee Tonnie Mello, Vice Chairman Julius Owino (Juliani), and the KEPSA secretariat.

It was agreed that mapping of stakeholders was critical and should be a continuous process. Furthermore, secretariat should also gather information on proposed and existing policy and legislative frameworks that relate to the sector committee. In addition, all government ministries and institutions that will be crucial in effective dialogue with the department should also be mapped and shared. The chair and vice chair promised to share their vision with KEPSA and also discuss how the sector committee can fit its activities with other KEPSA initiatives.

Moving forward, the sector committee will hold a meeting with stakeholders and have an introductory meeting with the Cabinet Secretary for Sports Culture and Arts.

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