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07 Nov
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The KEPSA Security Sector Board held its monthly meeting on 6th November 2018 at KEPSA Offices. The meeting was presided by the Chair of the Sector Board Mr. Silvanus Sewe.

The Sector Board chair in his remarks emphasized the need to have a Ministerial Stakeholders Forum with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination, Immigration department to discuss immigration challenges in the country.

The immigration sub-committee was delegated to discuss, align the matrix relating to immigration issues and look at ways of creating a roadmap with the national coordination department at the ministry.

The Sector Board formed a new sub-committee called the training subcommittee in addition to the existing five sub-committees. The sub-committee will help tackle matters relating to the following:

  • Training of Private security guards.
  • Developing national standards
  • Develop Kenya National qualification framework.

The training sub-committee through KEPSA will seek to establish a moderating voice that will bring together different agencies including Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA), National Industrial Training Authority (NIITA) and Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA).

The Chair concluded that members should approach the Kilimani Project as a sector board. He added that it was prudent for the security sector board to be vocal in terms of commitment and participation in providing support to KEPSA Foundation in realizing the project.

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