Our Mandate

The voice of private sector in Kenya

Our Vision

To become a world class private sector apex body

Our Mission

Ensure year-on- year improvement in overall business environment of Kenya by working together with the Government and other stakeholders


  • In the first, Formation phase (2003-2007): the focus of the alliance was on emphasizing the role of the private sector as the engine of economic growth and to drive economic transformation of the country. Together with the public sector, Kenya’s economy grew from -2.1% in 2002 to 7.0% in 2007.
  • In the second phase, Transition phase (2007-2008), KEPSA concentrated on dialogue, arbitration and reconciliation of the political class after the disputed 2007 general elections leading to formation of government of national unity.
  • The third phase of evolution was Transformation phase (2008-2012): The emphasis of the alliance was on:
  • Strengthening and institutionalization of Public-Private Dialogue;
  • Development of the first National Business Agenda (2008-2012);
  • Championing the campaign for the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010;
  • Driving the economic pillar of Vision 2030;
  • Enhancing partnerships with Development Partners in the area of trade & investment, social-economic development, private sector development and governance programmes; and
  • Championing campaign for peaceful 2013 elections.
  • The fourth phase is Growth and Sustainability phase (2012 & beyond)


Below is a brief history of how the business community has engaged in the past at various levels:


• Youth and women agendas
• National disasters


2003 – At the start of NARC Government, an opportunity arose that brought about formation of KEPSA.
2004 – Differences between NARCK and LDP over dishonoring of MOU. Business Community intervened and as a result the Government came up with a solution of an inclusive Government after which things stabilized.
2005 – Referendum on the constitution. Business community played its role but more from the periphery.
2007/2008 – Post Election Violence (PEV). The private sector played a key role in bringing the warring parties together leading to formation of the Grand Coalition Government.
2010: participated as one of the 22 organisations in the Committee of Experts (CoE) for the Constitution.
2013: private sector rallied around KEPSA and formed Mkenya Daima towards peaceful elections and rallied all the other sectors and the political class. It was during the forming of Mkenya Daima that KEPSA was taken through the different times in Kenyan history by Dr. Karuti Kanyinga and how different sectors from independence forefathers, civil society and religious leaders have all had an opportunity to create the “organizing question“ for the country and now it was time for business. Business took this seriously and the organizing question became “peaceful elections and prosperity for all”.
2017Mkenya Daima continued all the way to elections. During the tallying of election results at Bomas of Kenya and after the declaration of the winner, with the ensuing violence and uncertainty, different individuals began to engage with the stakeholders and the political class. These leaders later coalesced around a group. The group has led in engaging other sectors under the multisectoral group, media engagement to keep the conversation around business and economy, political leaders from the different parties, development partners etc.


2003 – 2007: engaged in the writing and implementation of the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth Creation (ERSWC) with Government which is still celebrated as the strategy that Government has implemented from start to end. This saw the economy grow from 2% to 7%.

2006 – 2007: engaged in the writing of the Vision 2030 blueprint.

2008 – 2012: wrote the NBA 1 and engaged government in the implementation with added engagement structures: PMRT, PPSWF, and SPRT beyond MSFs. Also engaged in the implementation of the Vision 2030 MTP 1 and MDGs.

2013 – 2017: wrote and engaged Government and other stakeholders in the implementation of NBA 11, engaged in the writing and implementation of MTP 2 and SDGs and internationalization of KEPSA.

2017: in the process of engaging in writing of MTP 3 and NBA 3.

2003 – 2017: engaged in the National Budgeting process.