Our Mandate

The voice of private sector in Kenya

Our Vision

To become a world class private sector apex body

Our Mission

Ensure year-on- year improvement in overall business environment of Kenya by working together with the Government and other stakeholders

KEPSA’s strategic focus is mainly in three areas:

  1. Conducting high-level advocacy on cross-cutting law and policy-related issues, and ensuring Kenya is globally competitive in doing business
  2. Coordinating the private sector in Kenya through various mechanisms and to engage in advocacy that promotes economic growth;
  3. Developing and capacity building of Associations to strengthen, grow and represent their sectors adequately.

KEPSA’s mandate as the voice of private sector in Kenya is fulfilled by:

  1. Providing a platform for its members to engage in high-level public policy dialogue;
  2. Representing the private sector in policy and law formulation together with the government;
  3. Providing leadership and a single voice of the private sector on issues of national importance;
  4. Collating and harmonizing private sector priorities and input to the development of the National Budget;
  5. Acting as the entry and National Focal Point on Regional integration through the East Africa business Council

Besides the mandate, the Alliance focuses on six strategic objectives:

  1. To strengthen the role of private sector as the pillar and engine of economic growth, employment and wealth creation;
  2. To ensure the formulation and implementation of pro-growth policies that promote Kenya’s competitiveness, encourage domestic and foreign investment, pursue regional, continental and international economic opportunities;
  3. To promote values of good business ethics and practices, innovation, hard work, goodwill and collective responsibility;
  4. To promote action-based best practices, CSR, conservation, protection and prudent use of Kenya’s natural resources; ensuring dignified living conditions, quality life, socio-cultural wealth, human development, growth and sustainable development for posterity;
  5. To promote, coordinate, monitor and evaluate private sector activities in pursuit of an enabling business environment;
  6. To facilitate harmonized private sector approaches on cross-sectorial issues.