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30 Oct
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KEPSA has reached yet another milestone in its advocacy work. This is following a meeting held on 29th October 2015 where an agreement to harmonize the waste water/ effluent discharge levies by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and Water Regulatory Management Authority (WRMA) was sealed.

The agreement also follows a series of discussions tabled during the Environment Ministerial Stakeholders Forum where KEPSA raised concerns that double charges were a disincentive to investment and hence leads to high cost of doing business.

During the meeting both NEMA and WRMA agreed on the following:

In addressing the apparent conflict and double licensing of effluent discharge occasioned by both the Environment Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) and the Water Act; and towards achieving the desired harmonization, NEMA shall continue collecting the fee while WRMA shall continue carrying out its monitoring function without requiring further fees from the investors. NEMA should however include the following condition in the effluent discharge license: that all dischargers “comply with the Water Resources Management Rules 2007 or such other legislation as may be operationalized from time to time”

The Ministry of Environment and Natural resources will issue a circular notifying the public of this change.

KEPSA welcomes the move, noting that it will reduce the cost of doing business.

The meeting was officiated by Mr. Gideon Gathara, the Environment Secretary. Also in attendance were senior officials from NEMA, WRMA, Kenya Flower Council and KEPSA Secretariat.

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  • Oliver

    Keep up the great job you people have been doing, especially with the youth. Please don’t cut the tap of KYEP..
    it was a great eye opener to many of us, youths.

    • 1:48 pm - November 1, 2015

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