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11 Sep
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Nairobi For Africa, a platform that is spearheaded by the KEPSA Foundation and established with an aim to restore Kenya’s capital and position it to become the hub of Africa, held a meeting on the 6th September 2019 at the KEPSA Offices. The agenda of the meeting was to strategize on the key areas of focus to achieve the encompassed vision of improved quality of life for Nairobi citizenry.

The Chair of Nairobi for Africa, Ms. Emma Miloyo stated that to achieve the desired state of Nairobi as Africa’s hub, the team needs to come up with pragmatic, achievable and relatable focus areas which would help in mapping out the relevant people to engage with and the appropriate tools to use. Additionally, she stated that once and when the key areas are identified and a roadmap is formulated, the deliverables would consequently become clearer and easily achievable.

Dr. Patrick Obath, the KEPSA Foundation Vice Chair said that to achieve the goal of positioning Nairobi as a hub for Africa, it is essential to involve and gain the support of the leadership/ruling class. However, he added the team should not view leadership in the eyes of the traditional misconceived structure but rather from an angle of influence spearheaded by recognizable and reputable champions.

From the meeting, key focus areas agreed upon included;

  • Culture change amongst Nairobi residents
  • Enhancing City Pride among Nairobi residents
  • Facilitating reliable mobility and access within the city
  • Proper urban planning and controlled development of structures
  • Enhanced Security;
  • Enhanced the ease of doing business in the city
  • Creation of a seemingly endless haven for job opportunities.

To achieve such focus areas, it was agreed for a start, that the medium to be used to advocate for change shall be through the use of Nairobi Champions to push for change, Use of a communication/brand package to disseminate information that will enlighten the wider Nairobi citizenry and lastly use of Sports, Arts, Culture and Music to bring about the desired revolution.

Members agreed that this was a prime time to establish Nairobi for Africa given the support by stakeholders concerning Nairobi and, therefore, having outlined the key focus areas, the next step would be to approach and bring on board the relevant leaders and players.

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