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12 Apr
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The Transport sector is one of the key sectors within the Multi-Sectoral Initiative Against Corruption (MSIAC). The sector attracts much interest from both the public and private sectors. It is on this premise that the sector constituted a committee and held its meeting at the KEPSA Offices on the 8th April 2019 to review, enrich and adopt the sector action plans in pushing the drive against corruption and in addressing the corruption challenge that has been identified as the greatest impediment and enemy to economic freedom and prosperity.

The members deliberated over the forms and manifestation of corruption within the sector, its negative impact on the economy, its implications on both corporate and institutional governance and the plight of the sector players in the wake of such a vice. The members were briefed on the progress of the MSIAC, including the cross-cutting agenda and action plans that were already underway for purposes of a synergized approach in fighting graft.

The members reviewed their proposed draft action plan, recommended more actions with set timelines that would ensure effective and timely fight so as to realize some of the goals in the Vision 2030 Blueprint, Big 4 Agenda and generally the Constitutional requirement for sustainable development. The Chair guided the members through the specific sector reform agenda and a consensus was achieved.

It was a unified conclusion that all the transport sector players; public transport operators, freight and cargo operators, the rail, road and air players approach the vice in unison with a unity of purpose, sense of urgency and a well-crafted strategy to bring down corruption. The MSIAC reiterates its commitment to promote sector engagements, internal and external strategies in realizing that graft is minimized to the least levels.

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