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09 May
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The Transport Sector Committee under the Multi Sectoral Initiative Against Corruption (MSIAC) held its meeting on 7th May 2019 at KEPSA offices. The main agenda of the meeting was to deliberate on the issues affecting the Transport Sector and formulate the implementation strategy to sustain the fight against corruption.

Members deliberated over the forms and manifestation of corruption within the sector, its negative impact on the economy and its implication on both corporate and institutional governance.  Among the key issues highlighted was the presence of too many traffic police officers on the roads, especially on the highways, flagging cars and increasing the susceptibility of corruption through bribery. It was proposed that citizens be urged to fully use social media including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other platforms to name and shame corrupt people within the sector including the police. It was further proposed that passengers should refuse and apprehend police officers taking bribes and use their phones to get the evidence.

Additionally, members pointed out that the tedious court processes and fines contribute to the likelihood of bribery. It was noted that there have been many cases where members of the public go through harrowing experiences in the criminal justice system especially concerning minor traffic offences. In this regard, it was proposed that minor traffic offences should not be taken to court, leaving the courts for major offenses only like accidents, death, crime, and loss of goods.

In conclusion, members agreed to stay committed irrespective of the difficulties that may be encountered in the Transport Sector. It was suggested that there is a need to holistically review the corruption tendencies in the transport industry to include public and private vehicles.

The Sector noted that there was need to engage the citizens in extensive campaign on national and civic education aimed at sensitizing the Kenyans on how to tackle corruption in the country.

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