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11 Jan
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The Multi-Sectoral Initiative Against Corruption held a media briefing on 10th January 2019 to sensitize all sectors and citizens on the upcoming National Conference Against Corruption scheduled for 24th– 25th January, 2019. This was a build up to the previously held conferences for various sectors including Media, Academia, Development Partners, Religious entities, Civil Society Organizations, Professionals, Women, Youth, Transport, Trade Unions and the Private sectors.

In the statement, the theme for the Conference, Pamoja Tuangamize Ufisadi, which means ‘let’s come together to fight corruption’ was unveiled. It called on the enrollment of the various socio-economic sectors across the nation to discuss sectoral and cross-sectoral strategies in fighting the vice.
The National Conference shall be the platform where the various sectors shall present their sectoral strategies and implementation roadmaps with a view of condensing and collapsing them into one practicable roadmap that cuts across all sectors and shall ensure long-term impact. It shall be the convergence point of all sectors aimed at;

  1. Reviewing the 4-year action plans and sector commitments in fighting graft
  2. Analyzing and edifying the various strategy reports and implementation plans.
  • Rolling out the initiative country-wide.

It shall equally focus on key cross-cutting agenda including;

  1. Entrenching strong National Values systems that will ensure responsible citizenship up for accountability, transparency and integrity.
  2. Citizen mobilization against corruption to join in the movement for it to succeed.
  • Leadership and good governance on the side of public and private corporate governors both on the National and devolved levels.
  1. Interventions by government where the MSI develops the agenda for implementation by the various arms of government.

The Conference shall be graced by his Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta among other dignitaries both domestic and international. It shall be the ultimate point of convergence in charting a way forward in generating sustainable solutions in securing the economic prosperity, good governance and social re-engineering in the country.

The Multisectoral Initiative Against Corruption and its Members reiterated its commitment in ensuring that the movement is successful. They also noted that they aim to mobilize the citizens towards this course as it is an obligation for patriotism as enshrined in article 10 of the Constitution.

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