This is a peace campaign project meant to foster peaceful coexistence and peace for economic growth and prosperity for the country. The campaign was spearheaded by the KEPSA and the steering team was made up of business leaders, civil society, religious leaders, NCIC, Vision 2030 and the media. It drew lessons from Kenyans-for-Kenya initiative and business involvement in the 2008 national accord negotiation.


The ultimate aim of Mkenya Daima campaign was to:

  • Contribute to building a foundation for a better Kenya in line with the New Constitution and our aspirations as a nation.
  • Have country with leaders of integrity who would work to improve the quality of life enjoyed by ordinary citizens everywhere in the country;
  • Have a Kenya that has responsible and actively engaged citizens who would themselves rise up to the challenge of improving their own lives as well as hold leaders and institutions to account; and
  • Have a Kenya that provides a conducive environment for business and for every stakeholder and citizens to realize their highest aspirations.

The project was structured in phases and sought to promote peace before, during and after the general elections and extension granted to deal with emerging issues that can destabilise peace being experiences/enjoyed.

As a result the successful implementation of the first, second and third phases of the Mkenya Daima campaign as well as lessons learnt, Mkenya Daima Phase IV was initiated and unveiled on 10th November 2015.

Mkenya Daima Phase IV aims at delivering national values, responsibilities and prosperity as espoused in the National Anthem and Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya. The main focus of the campaign will be on anti-corruption and will seek to bring together the Private Sector, Faith based Organizations, Civil Society Organization, Development Partners, Editors Guild, Media Owners and Youth Leaders.


The goals of Mkenya Daima Phase IV are:

  1. Attitude and behavior change that will influence the trajectory of national values and especially for corruption in Kenya.
  2. Peaceful, free and fair electoral process supported by continuous dialogue amongst stakeholders
  3. Demonstrable private sector commitment to national values and principles of governance through sharing of best practice


To attain the goals above the key objectives of the campaign will include:

  1. To develop strategies for interventions towards reducing corruption in the public and private sector.
  2. To establish a learning platform for private sector to share its lessons and for stakeholders to dialogue on governance issues affecting the country and the economy.