MKENYA DAIMA Initiative is a non-partisan multi-stakeholder platform whose primary purpose is to inspire Kenyans towards peaceful elections and prosperity thereafter.

It was launched in 2012 and endeavoured to speak truth to power.

It is inspired by the private sector involving all Kenyans and brings together representatives of various stakeholder groups including the Business community, Civil society, Religious Sector, Non-State Actors, Media, Organized Sector Groups (e.g. Youth and Women)

It drew lessons from the Kenyans-for-Kenya initiative and business involvement in the 2008 National Accord negotiation.

Phase I:

  • Creating citizenship awareness and commitment to peaceful elections. (Mwenye-nchi sio Mwana-nchi) (March – June 2012).

Phase II:

  • Celebrating Kenya and handling the negatives that divide us as Kenyans (Tushangilie Kenya) (July – November 2012).

Phase III:

  • Rallying all Kenyans to be responsible for Kenya. (Wajibu Wangu) (November – March 2013).

Phase IV:

  • NATIONAL VALUES- (Accountability, Transparency & leadership ethos) as articulated in Article 10 of the Constitution and as expressed in the National Anthem. This phase sought to shift paradigm of Kenyans from “Haki Yetu” (our rights) to “Wajibu Wetu” (our responsibility).(November 2015-2017)


  1. Stakeholder engagements – with the different sectors and institutions charged with the managing elections
  2. Round table engagements with the 3 arms of government
  3. Presidential & Gubernatorial political debates
  4. Community engagements including peace walks, engagements with student leaders
  5. Extensive media campaigns – TV (Interview &PSA’s), Radio activations, Print  (newspapers and billboards), social media, Mkenya Daima song
  6. National Leadership Summits
  7. Signing of the Mkenya Daima Peace pledge


As Kenya looks forward to the 2022 General elections and the evolving governance space, there is need to collectively look and envision a prosperous Kenya and aspire towards that vision.

To help Kenyans achieve their aspirations of a better future and strive for a country that has good governance and leadership, public accountability and efficient and transparent systems, as well as create hope, confidence and optimism among Kenyans, there is need to:

  • Have good and accountable leadership in power
  • Focus on and communicate positive gains and growth opportunities for the country
  • Change the political, economic and social economic narrative to one that is positive and will build the country and its people

Building on the interventions and lessons learned under previous Mkenya Daima phases, Mkenya Daima 2022 will not only focus on peaceful elections and smooth transition, but will seek to build more on Wajibu Wangu, which is rallying all Kenyans to be responsible for Kenya and to choose the right leaders at every level.

The aim of the Mkenya Daima 2022 Campaign would be to foster good political leadership and accountability for a thriving, peaceful and prosperous Kenya by focusing on these 3 Key Pillars:

  1. Political Pillar – Leadership and Governance
  2. Economic Pillar – People Centred and Economy led Manifestos
  3. Social Pillar – Peaceful elections and smooth transition

1. Political Pillar – Leadership and Governance


Influencing the choice of leaders based on Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya, experience & good performance.


  • Increase awareness among Kenyans on good leadership qualities to promote election of transformative leaders into power.
  • Enhance positive discourse on a prosperous Kenya to increase hope, confidence and optimism among Kenyans.

2. Economic Pillar – People Centred and Economy led Manifestos


Influencing the manifestos of different leaders to focus on:

  • Competitiveness: increase Kenya’s global competitiveness by promoting sustainable and inclusive growth through enhanced economic foundations, increased competitiveness and trade and business growth support.
  • Public safety: improve the wellbeing and living standards of the public by effective delivery on services that affect the public such as transport, housing, security, police reforms, land ownership, among others.


Economic manifestos that are people centered & economy led transformation geared towards public safety and global competitiveness with support of Block Chain Systems.

3. Social Pillar – Peaceful elections and smooth transition


Build on Wajibu Wetu and continue promoting peaceful campaigns, elections and transition through signing of the peace pledge by the leadership on different levels and the citizens


Peace pledges signed by leaders committing to peaceful elections and smooth transition.

For regular updates, you can also join the conversation on the campaign’s social media handles below:



Twitter: @mkenya_daima

Instagram: @mkenyadaima_