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KEPSA’s Membership comprises private sector associations and corporate bodies in all sectors of the economy including trade associations. KEPSA speaks for multinationals, SME’s and Start-Ups organized under different sector boards and working groups reflective of the 16 sectors of the economy. KEPSA has over 100,000 members through Business Member Organizations and Companies.




Ksh 1,000,000p.a.


Ksh 500,000p.a.


Ksh 250,000p.a.


Ksh 150,000p.a

Participation in very high level round table meetings to address urgent emerging issues with various local and international policy makers.
Opportunity to make presentations at different forums on company specific issue(s) under KEPSA umbrella.
Follow up on company specific issues that may face obstacles from Government
Profiling on the KEPSA website and linkage of members website to the KEPSA website
Assistance to access top Government officials to advocate for company specific issue(s).
Assistance to get Government involvement in members’ activities, e.g. workshops, etc.
Consideration for Government business delegation travels for slots given to KEPSA.
Participation in KEPSA paid activities on complimentary basis Free 50% discount 25% discount Full charge
Flash logo on KEPSA website (front page). Front page Inner page Inner page
Link of company’s website on the KEPSA’s website.
Professional Growth and Prosperity – From peer-to-peer networking events to professional development sessions, from business leader roundtables to policy committees, KEPSA offers you plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities that will allow you to grow professionally as well as influence policy and decision-making to the benefit of all Kenyans.
Contributing to the National budget process and hence influencing budget allocation for respective sectors.
Policy Development – By participating on the KEPSA sector boards and Ministerial Stakeholders’ Forums (MSFs), members help shape the focus of KEPSA’s advocacy efforts by jointly brainstorming, researching and contributing to policies on a variety of issues that affect Kenyan business.
Access to a Wealth of Information – Through its various communications vehicles and direct access to its policy experts, membership with KEPSA opens the door to a wealth of relevant industry information
Participation in KEPSA sector meetings and Ministerial Stakeholders’ Forums (MSFs).


Opportunity to meet with visiting foreign business delegations. KEPSA circulates information
on the delegations and extends relevant assistance
Invitation to networking and capacity building meetings emanating from other KEPSA
members and partners. KEPSA negotiates subsidized rates where charges are applicable.
Full participation at KEPSA’s Annual General Meeting
Priority consideration to quote for KEPSA business – equipment or services.
Listing on KEPSAs website.
Access to KEPSA database through assistance to circulate information amongst the
membership on seminars/workshops and other training courses.
Issuance of a KEPSA Certificate.
Complimentary copy of The Private Sector – A quarterly magazine published by KEPSA