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06 Nov
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The Matatu Owners Association (MOA) held a Government official briefing meeting on 3rd November 2015 ahead of the upcoming Eastern African Transport Conference scheduled to take place from 11th -12th November 2015 at the KICC Amphitheatre.

Mr. Simon Kimutai the National MOA Chairman, said the theme of the conference that is, “Road Safety and Para Transit” will cover discussions on various aspects of road transport including; the harmonised of transport policies safety regulations, drivers welfare, financing and technology in the industry.

Further, he said the conference will endeavour to discuss issues related to transport in Eastern African Countries and this will be based on both research and practical experience. The information that will be collected after the conference will form the basis for policy and planning and action.

The Matatu Owners Association said the objective of the Conference was reached upon after verifying the authenticity (many challenges and huge disparities and a gaping lack of uniformity in transport and logistics in countries in the East African region) and has getting a go ahead to convene the EATC. MOA has already mobilized support from the associations, government and academia within the Eastern African countries.

The following guidelines will form the agenda for discussion during the conference:

  • How to enhance road safety
  • Handle disputes in the transport sector in the region
  • Deal with corruption
  • Share expertise in the transport sector
  • How para-transit  associations can be represented in East Africa Community Affairs
  • Harmonize employment records
  • Identify barriers in terms of policy, trade
  • Share technology
  • How to enhance the Sacco movement in the region
  • How academia in the region can play a role

The idea to host the transport conference has been modelled after the Sothern African Transport Conference (SATC) that has been running for 34 years.

The project is collaborative and will include the private sector led by KEPSA, MOA, University of Nairobi (Institute for Development of Sociology), Kenya Methodist University and Cooperative University College of Kenya.

The meeting was attended by officials from State House, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, University of Nairobi, Kenya Methodist University among others.


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