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17 Apr
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The KEPSA Sports, Culture and Arts sector board held its monthly meeting on 11th April 2018 at KEPSA Offices. The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss the establishment of the National Lottery, Lessons from Kenya Open Golf Championship and the need for a National Sports strategic plan.

During the meeting, it was noted that the National Lottery establishment plan has been in place since 2013. However, an implementing body did not exist during that time. With the formulation of National Sport Fund in 2016, the sector made a proposal to focus on the implementation of the National Lottery plan to finance the sporting and creative sector in the country. In many countries where the sporting industry is well developed, the national sports lotteries are the source of revenue for running the sports and creative sector activities. This makes it easy to plan for the sector due to the consistent flow of resources to the sector thus enhancing its growth constantly. Its economic value is thereafter experienced in the country. A good example where national lottery has been used to develop the sports and creative sector is Morocco.

The Kenya Open Golf Championship that was held on 19th to 25th March 2018 was a success as expected by the planners. When awarding the winner of the event, the President of the Republic of Kenya said the government will increase the kitty of the tournament to Kshs 50M for it to be part of the Golf European Tour by 2020. This will have a huge implication especially to the tourism sector as well as spurring the growth of Golf Sport in the country. The government expects the private sector to increase its contribution towards the Kenya Open Golf Championship. Additionally, members noted that due to the good coordination of the event most private sector organizations are interested in funding the championship hence other federations should learn from it.

The sector board discussed the need for developing the sport industry strategic plan. This will include the commercialization strategy of the sport sector to ensure stable growth hence creation of more jobs in the sector.

In his closing remarks, the sector board chair Mr. Herbert Mwachiro thanked the sector board members for the energetic contributions hence the tremendous growth of the sector board.


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