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05 Jul
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KEPSA Security Sector Board led by the Chair, Mr. Silvanus Sewe, met with officials from the Ministry of Defence on 2nd July 2019 at KEPSA offices. The aim of the meeting was to discuss on the possible areas of engagement between KEPSA and the Ministry of Defence.

Mr. Sewe in his remarks briefly introduced KEPSA and appraised the Ministry of Defence of KEPSA Security Sector board’s mandate. He further noted that the Ministry of Defence should feel free to engage KEPSA and have representatives in meetings of the relevant sectors as per their existing framework. He concluded by alluding to a possible subsequent meeting to help unpack the data they have in relation to the Big Four Agenda and the enablers.

  1. Col Joseph Biomdo from the Ministry of Defence appreciated KEPSA Security Sector Board for the opportunity to engage. He informed the meeting that the Ministry is divided into two areas; Civilian and Military with the main mandate being to protect the country against external aggression and to restore peace in the Country. LT. Col Biomdo added that the Ministry has put a lot of effort towards actualization of the Big Four Agenda hence forming a special committee on the same. He added that the ministry is keen on such partnerships because there are a lot of opportunities for local manufacturers in supplying some hardware equipment like; Boots, uniforms, Assembly of Military vehicles as well as supply of food. He added that the Military is quite structured and some of these committees were formed to identify the key focal points.

KEPSA Security Sector Board Vice Chair, Ms. Judy Wambugu in her remarks said that it was important that the issue of Disaster Risk Management is well captured and visualized on how to fill in the existing gaps.

In conclusion, the following was agreed upon as part of the way forward;

  • Negotiate a framework of engagement on key areas of cooperation
  • Identify focal points for specific projects
  • Develop work plans for identified projects for implementation.

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