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08 Jun
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KEPSA in partnership with the Agriculture Industry Network (AIN) held an Agricultural Policy Consultative Workshop on 8th June, 2018 at the Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi.

The objective of the meeting was to review the draft Agricultural Policy (2016) by identifying existing gaps within the document and providing remedial measures and concurrence with the proposed policy provisions. The workshop was a follow up to a request made to the Cabinet Secretary which culminated in the formation of a joint subcommittee comprising of the private sector and Ministry officials in order to finalize the review of the Agricultural Policy and provide direction on the Sub sector policies and strategies.

The forum provided an opportunity for the private sector members to provide input on components of the draft agriculture policy including factors of production, Commercialization of agriculture, Alignment with the Kenyan Constitution, International treaties and protocols, Food security, Co-operative Societies.

During the meeting, members identified key issues that the policy should address including zoning of agricultural land, blending of staples, promotion of indigenous foods, redesigning government subsidy model, expanding and decentralization of strategic food reserves. On food safety, the meeting called for promotion of best practice in pesticides application, adoption of KS1758 standard for fruits and vegetables as well as development of a PPP on extension services.




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