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04 May
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KEPSA participated in a two day business ethics workshop training which was held from the 3rd to 4th May, 2018 at PrideInn Lantana Suites in Nairobi. The training, which was a collaboration between KEPSA, The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and Milestones Resource Solutions (MRS), focused on the theme “Mitigating corruption risks for business in global value chains”. The purpose was to develop and promote anti-corruption policies in the private sector in order to have a culture of integrity within small, medium and large organizations.

The workshop sought to impart the participants with invaluable knowledge on: how to investigate and articulate the need to prevent corruption for the sustainable success of their companies, business community and national economy; appreciate the methods identified for mapping an effective compliance program that meets international and local anti-corruption compliance standards; understanding the role of leadership and effective communication in developing an ethical corporate culture; and operationalizing the components of an anti-corruption ethics and compliance program. Ms. Fatma Elmaawy, the MRS Chief Executive and Ms. Lola Adekanye, the CIPE program Officer, who both acted as facilitators of the workshop, emphasized the importance of setting a good ethical climate by the company’s leadership which would in turn be emulated by the rest of the organization in order to curtail corruption and other unethical practices that would harm the organization’s reputation. They also established that an organization’s leaders must lead by example and realize that their actions could either weaken or strengthen their ethical compliance efforts.

The workshop concluded with the signing of an MOU between KEPSA, MRS in partnership with CIPE that seeks to develop a new line of products on anti-corruption compliance among corporate organizations in Kenya. This project aims to make unique and quantifiable contributions to a national fight against corruption by mobilizing the private sector to take proactive and verifiable steps in a bid to reduce bribery and unethical practices in the Kenyan business environment. This will in turn lead to increased private sector-led growth and economic stability in Kenya. The target corporate organizations for the services include but not limited to those that are part of the global value chains and aspire to establish relationships with multinational companies. Hence, KEPSA in collaboration with MRS and CIPE seek to deliver joint anti-corruption compliance and mitigation workshops, provide compliance solutions, audits as well as due diligence services in Kenya namely: Business Ethics & Integrity Training; audits; and consultancy.

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