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30 Nov
By: root 1


KEPSA ICT Sector board led by Chair of the Sector board, Mr. Mike Macharia, paid a courtesy call to the Kenya Revenue Authority on 29th November 2018 at Times Towers to discuss the various strategic partnerships in developing innovative solutions for tax base expansion.

Mr. Macharia thanked KRA for convening the meeting noting that KEPSA is keen on these partnerships. He added that for private sector players to partner with them, they need to build technology that allows private sector players to integrate into the KRA systems. In line with this, KRA needs to open up its Artificial Programming Interface(API) to help with the integration. He added that KRA needs to adopt some of these technologies e.g. Block Chain to become a “friend” to the people. Adoption of some of these technologies will help the SME’S in terms of contracting and payments.

Going forward, it was agreed that KRA provide KEPSA a link that will enable members to access the KRA portal and make comments where necessary and also set up a two-day workshop where people can share innovative ideas and look at ways of implementing those ideas.

KRA Innovation Manager, Ms. Gladys Kitony, appreciated KEPSA for honoring the invite and for the very good deliberations that took place. In addition, she said KRA looks forward to partnering with KEPSA on discussions that will help move technology in the country forward.

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