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22 Nov
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KEPSA, through Mkenya Daima, in conjunction with Insight Consulting hosted a webinar on Election Risks and Preparedness last Wednesday. The webinar aimed at apprising members on specific risk drivers and presenting scenarios on how they can play out; highlighting the role and monitoring of social media; and discussing how to prepare, as a business, for the events.

During the forum, KEPSA Trustee & Advisor Dr. Vimal Shah noted that the webinar was a conversation starter around the upcoming 2022 election which is likely to be a highly contested one. He added that such forums are important to highlight the areas of possible uncertainty and the methods the private sector can use to be prepared. The Insight Consulting team, an independent organization, also made a presentation that included the outcomes of a national survey that shows that national politics are amongst the 3 biggest concerns for the public.

During the presentation, Mr. Declan Galvin of Insight Consulting outlined four possible election period scenarios which included a thriving scenario with low disruption and low threat; an inconvenience scenario with high disruption and low threat; fearful scenario with low disruption and high threat; and the cliff hanger scenario of high disruption and high threat. It was noted that having the scenarios in mind would help think by what can be done to maximize positive impact and minimize any negative impact.

Concluding the presentation, Ms. Hanna Fort – Country Manager for Insight Kenya, outlined that for organizations to navigate their way through this period of uncertainty and risk, there is need to have reliable information to support awareness and decision making; have plans and protocols in place and up to date; and promote the practice to ensure implementation.

KEPSA Chairperson Ms. Flora Mutahi called for the formalization of the engagement between KEPSA and Insight Consulting to ensure that the training is conducted regularly. This, she said, would equip private sector members with necessary information and perspective especially as the country draws near to the electioneering period.

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