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18 Jan
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KEPSA Devolution and Planning Sector Board met for the first time this year on 17th January, 2019 at KEPSA offices. The key agenda of the meeting was to review the sector board progress in 2018 and strategize for 2019 to ensure successful sector board engagements throughout the year.

Mr. Hillary Onami – Vice chair of the Sector Board, noted that county governments are key stakeholders to the business fraternity; therefore moving forward, engagements with county governments to foster ease of doing business will be essential. Easing the business environment in counties will facilitate fast and steady increase in socio-economic development thus realization of the County Development Plans.

County Government (Revenue Raising Process) Bill 2018, was highlighted as a key legislation that would push for ease of doing business in the counties. Members observed that the issue of double taxation is punitive to business thus causing a negative ripple effect to the development of the counties. Fast-tracking the bill will ensure that the matter is dealt with, facilitating business growth.

Members agreed that the focus of the year would be to remodel the perceptions of the various stakeholders towards private sector to ensure they understand and support KEPSA’s agenda of year on year improvement on ease of doing business at both national and county levels.

In conclusion, members were encouraged to take advantage of the upcoming Devolution Conference to foster positive relationship with the county bosses and technocrats to bolster good working relationships moving forward.

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