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09 Jul
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KEPSA CEO, Ms. Carole Kariuki, attended a meeting with various key stakeholders hosted by the Kenya Film Classification Board on 5th July 2018 at Panafric Hotel. This went down in history as the week that Kenya hosted one of the biggest names in the film industry in the world Tony Goldwyn, who stars as the President in the American series.

Actor and director Tony Goldwyn, who also starred in Ghost was in Kenya to discuss the possibility of shooting a film with film director and scriptwriter Jamal Joseph. Goldwyn films are one of the largest and KEPSA hopes this will give Kenya proof of concept to finally begin to compete with South Africa.

Kenya has been greatly marketed by the film “Out of Africa” done over 30 years ago. Hollywood stars like Tony expressing their interest to have this film done in Kenya is an incredible prospect.

In 2015, a group from KEPSA and government went for the Milken conference which is a gathering of the top billionaires of investors looking for where to bring in investment through film. Part of the trip was to market Kenya which is a tourism destination as a film destination and a great tourism product branding the country with more than 100 ads on CNN. The benefits to all the other auxiliary services e.g. hotels, transport, jobs, equipment, and other logistics is immense. The team also visited Universal studios and later met with a few film producers to interest them to destination Kenya. The last movie that most foreigners associate with made in Kenya is Out of Africa! Last week Kenya had 70 US business leaders led by the Under Secretary of Commerce Gilbert Kaplan for the ACHAM economic summit where $100 M deals were signed. Then what started in 2015 this week looks like will finally become a reality in the movie industry as part of the Big 4 in creating jobs through industries.

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