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13 Jul
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The KEPSA Gender and Youth Sector Board members led by the Chair, Ms. Eva Muraya, held its monthly meeting on 11th July 2018 at KEPSA Offices. The aim of the meeting was to forge the next steps of their engagement within the sector and other stakeholders on their key areas of focus namely; supplier diversity, youth engagement and board diversity.

The need for the sector board to align its focus on its contribution to delivery of the Big 4 Agenda was vital. This is also to be in tandem with the resource allocation towards achievement of the same so as to ensure that women and youth benefit. For diversity and inclusion, the importance of creating more awareness in the recruitment of more women led and youth led organizations and BMOs into KEPSA and Sector board membership was noted for strategic advocacy initiatives.

Moving forward, sector board members will reactivate their commitment with the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs by signing a MoU that will guide bilateral engagement for mutual benefit.


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