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07 Feb
By: Ferdinand Musungu 0


The KEPSA Gender and Youth Sector Board, led by its Chairperson and Vice Chairperson Ms. Eva Muraya and Ms. Waithera Gaitho held the first meeting of the year 2020 on 5th February 2020. The meeting deliberated on the key areas where the sector will focus on in 2020.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Muraya welcomed members to the first meeting of the year- appreciating them for their immense engagement in the previous sector board activities and encouraging them to maintain the spirit.

One of the main activities that the sector board is planning to undertake is a retreat to develop a three-year blueprint that will guide the sector’s focus in a structured manner. Thus, the new members were called out to plug into the three sub-committees within the sector board i.e. Board Diversity, Supplier Diversity and Youth Engagement & Entrepreneurship. Ms. Muraya added that the sector board would continue driving related agenda on capacity building, market linkages and mentorship of the KEPSA women including the youthful Members and SMEs. This will be advanced with support from the various potential partners such as the Embassy of Ireland and Jersey Finance who are keen on the women in the business agenda.

On the Youth Agenda, Ms. Gaitho reiterated the need for the conversation on a start-up policy for Kenya as an enabler for a conducive business environment for SMEs. This will borrow from lessons from Tunisia and Senegal who have already put it in place. The sector board members agreed that this would form part of the documents that are to be developed for advocacy spearheaded by the sector board. Other documents include the Gender policy and Youth Policy.

The meeting concluded with a presentation by Mr. Harrison Ngatia on the Ajira project funded by MasterCard Foundation. His presentation outlined the five programs to be implemented by five partners including KEPSA with the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs as the lead. This program focuses on youth employment opportunities for digital and digitally-enabled jobs. The sector board members found areas of potential engagement within the project.

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