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09 May
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KEPSA Security Sector Board held its meeting on 7th May 2019 at KEPSA offices. The main agenda of the meeting was to receive updates from the subcommittees and the progress of the Disaster Risk Management Bill.

The Sector Board Chair, Mr. Silvanus Sewe, briefed members on the recently concluded training on countering extreme violence. He appreciated the National Counter Terrorism Center and Private Security Training Academy for remarkably organizing and conducting training that will go a long way to ensure members are well equipped with in-depth knowledge and understanding of counter terrorism.

The meeting received updates on the progress of the Disaster Risk Management Bill. It was reported that the bill is currently a topic of discussion in both the National Assembly and Senate. He added that KEPSA should identify an office, which will look into this particular Bill and champion it. The board agreed that all members would have a look and familiarize themselves with the Bill.

The Immigration Subcommittee reported that despite the positive progress in the Immigration department, there is still need to engage the Ministry of Interior to push for the issues that are yet to be addressed.

The National Counter Terrorism Center subcommittee thanked members for availing time to attend the training and are open to conduct training to members who express interest in Counter Terrorism.

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) subcommittee informed members that the Government had adopted the first draft CCTV policy document that was developed by KEPSA. They added that every stakeholder has a role to play in this particular policy in terms of giving input.

Mr. Sewe thanked members for their continuous participation and informed members that Counter Terrorism training should be scaled up to KEPSA membership using the various platforms to create awareness.

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