1Actis Africa Limited
2Africa Digital Media Institute
3Africa Practice East Africa Limited
4African Management Initiative Limited
5Agence Ushauri 
6Agri Experience Limited
7AIG Kenya Limited
8Airtel Networks Kenya Limited
9Akiira Geothermal Limited
10Alfluence International Limited
11All for cars International Limited 
12All Stars Mtumba Kenya Limited
13Alternatives Africa Limited
14Anchor Marketing Limited
15Apec Consortium Limited
16App 4 jobs Limited
17APT Comodities 
18Arc Africa Limited
19Artroid Design World Arts 
20Associated Battery Manufacturers
21Associated Battery Manufacturers East Africa Limited
22Astral Aviation Limited
23ATC Kenya Operations Limited
24AvoGreen Supplies Limited 
25B.Braun Medical (K) Limited
26B2B Africa Limited
27B2B Africa Limited
28Bamburi Cement Limited
29Base Titanium Limited
30BASF East Africa Limited
31BAT Kenya Limited
32Bata Shoe Kenya PLC
33BCG Consulting Group Limited 
34BDP International Limited
35Beaurick General Supplies 
36Bedi Investments Limited
37Benchmark Distributors Limited
38Beyond Borders Limited
39Bidco Africa Limited
40Biogas Power Holdings (EA) Limited
41Bioliff Water Technologies Limited
42Bismart Insurance Agency Limited
43Blackberry Investments
44Blue Nile Rolling Mills Limited
45BNT Construction & Engineering Kenya Limited
46BOC Kenya Limited
47Bollore Africa Logistics (K) Limited
48Booktalk Africa Limited
49Bramex Courier Services Limited
50Brands and Beyond Limited
51Bridge International Academies Limited
52Bridotty Group Limited
53Bright Vision Media Limited
54Brookside Dairy Limited
55Bumblebee Sports and fitness Limited
56Card Group East Africa Limited
57Carepay Limited
58CDC East Africa Advisers
59Celestine Ukpere Consulting
60Centum Investment Company Limited
61Cetros Company Limited
62Chandaria Industries Limited
63China Young Tai Engineering Limited
64Christ Community Community
65Citibank N.A Kenya
66City Drop Ventures
67CKL Limited
68Coca Cola East & Central Africa
69Comps Ventures Limited
70Control Risks East Africa Limited
71CPF Financial Service Limited
72CrossBoundary  Energy Kenya Limited
73Dalberg Global Development Advisors
74Dallas Technoprises
75Daproim Africa Limited
76Darda Taxyriders Limited
77Davis & Shirtliff Limited
78Decapoli Engineering 
79Dee & Dee Royal Limited 
80Deloitte Limited
81Dessra Ventures Limited 
82DHL Worldwide Express (K) Limited
83Diamond Engineering Company Limited
84Dorion Associates
85Doshi & Company (Hardware) Limited
86Dow Chemical East Africa
87East African Breweries Limited
88Easy Duka Limited
89E-CART Services Kenya Limited
90Edu Plus Africa Limited 
91Elecster Kenya Limited
92Elgon Kenya Limited
93Eliko Investments Limited
94Elimu  Digital Media Limited
95Emobilis Technology Academy 
96E-Moto Limited
97Empire Feeds Limited
98Engie Eastern Africa Limited
99English Press Limited
100Errands Guy Eplatform Limited
101Eselle Group Company Limited
102ESRI Eastern Africa
103Essikip Limited 
104Expertise  Global Consulting Limited
105Express Communications Company Limited
107FAPCL Group
108Farm Africa Limited
109Fashion Eden 
110Firstfin Africa Direct Limited
111Flamingo Horticulture Kenya Limited
112Flomsa Limited 
113Fourth Generation Capital Limited 
114Framine Limited 
115Freight Forwarders Kenya Limited
116French Society of Kenya
117Frontier Investment Management Africa Limited
118G4S Kenya Limited
119G-Ajiri Fiedtechs Limited
120Ganatra Plant & Equipment Limited
121GE East Africa Services Limited
122Genie Telkom
123Gennis Consulting Limited
124Gerivia Advocates LLP
125Gertrudes’ Children’s Hospital
126Giant Millers Limited 
127Glabal and Rapid services 
128Global Forensic Services Limited
129Globeleq Africa Holdings Limited
130Glovoapp Kenya Limited
131Godel Limited
132Good Testimony Junior School
133Google Kenya Limited
134Grain Industries Limited
135Grant Thornton Consulting Limited
136Greenlight Planet Kenya Limited 
137Guardnow Security Group(K)
138Halal Premier International
139Healthy U Two Thousand Limited
140Hiventy Africa Limited
141HMG Works Limited
142Hospitality Systems Consultants Limited
143Huawei Technologies Kenya Company Limited
144Hudson Agencies 
145Human Capital Synergies Africa Limited
146IBM East Africa Limited
147Ignite Trade Africa
148Image Registrars Limited
149Incentro Africa
150Industrial & Commercial Development Corporation Financial Services
151Institute of Public Finance Kenya
152Intercity Secure Homes Limited
153Interintel Technologies Limited
154Intermatt Limited
155Ipsos Limited 
156Isuzu East Africa Limited 
157Jamii Telecommunications Limited
158Jawabu Interiors 
159JC solutions Limited
160Jijenge Credit Limited
161JNO Advocates
162Jobsikaz Afrique Limited
163Johnson & Johnson Middle East FZ
164Jooqwah Limited
165Juza Africa Limited
166Karanja – Njenga & Co. Advocates
167Keekapu Grocers Limited
168Kenchic Limited 
169Kenergy Renewables Limited
170Kengas Link Limited
171Kenget Enterprise Limited 
172Kenya Climate Innovation Center 
173Kenya Development Corporation Limited
174Kenya Kazi services Limited
175Kenya Markets Trust
176Kenya Network Infromation Centre 
177Kenya Pipeline Company Limited
178Kenya Power & Lighting Company Limited
179Kenya Tea Packers Limited
180Kenya Wine Agencies Limited
181Kiptinness & Odhiambo Associates
182Kituo Cha Maadili
183Klen Gas Suppliers 
184KOKO Networks Limited
185Komaza Forestry Limited 
186Konza Technopolis Development Authority
187KPMG Kenya
188KTDA Management Limited
189Lafemme Salon Spa&Gym
190Larsen and Toubro Limited
191Lawyers Hub Kenya
192Liaison Group (I.B) Limited
193Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Limited
194Little Einsteins East Africa
195Longitude Finance
196Lori Systems Limited
197LRMG  Proprietary Limited 
198Ludie Works 
199Lued (A) Chemicals Limited
200Lukenya High School Limited
201Mabati Rolling Mills Limited
202Madison Group Limited
203Maersk Kenya Limited
204Majik Water Technologies Limited
205Mantrac Kenya Limited 
206Mars Wrigley and confectionery
207Marubeni Corporation
208Mbuni Artifacts Exporters & Importers
209Medilink Lab & Surgical Limited
210Melvin Marsh International Limited
211Merican Limited 
212Meridiam SAS Ethiopia Branch 
213Millennial Speak Limited
214Milly Grassworks 
215Milush Enterprise Limited
216Mini Me Kids
217MK Light Africa Right Limited
218M-KOPA Kenya Limited
219Mobisoko Limited
220Modern Safaris Limited 
221Monsanto Kenya Limited
222Msingi East Africa Limited
223Mtenders Africa Limited
224Mukiri Global Advocates
225Mwembe and Mwembe Associated
226Myfugo Innovation Limited 
227Nairobi Bottlers Limited
228Nairobi Securities Exchange
229Natra Tech E.A Limited
230NCBA Bank Kenya Plc
231Netcore Links Limited 
232Nexton Limited 
233Ngamia Haulers Platform 
234Norkan Beauty Boutique 
235Nouvita Limited
236Nurse in Hand
237Nutri You Farm & Shop Limited
238Nyambok & Company Investments Limited
239Oakar Services Limited
240OBG Company Limited
241OCP Kenya Limited
242Ogilvy Public Relations
243Ogutu &  Associates 
244Oil and Gas Contractors Association of Kenya
245Ojiambo Consulting Services
246One Acre Fund
247One Health Limited 
248One Sky Garden Limited
249OpenBusiness Africa Limited
250Optiven Limited
251Oracle Corporation
252Osho Chemical Industries Limited
253P. Kamau & Kamau Advocates LLP
254Panafrican Equipment Kenya Limited
255Passion Foods Ltd
256Paytree Group Limited
257Phil-IT Productions Limited
259PKF Kenya
260Planon Solutions Limited
261POA Internet Kenya Limited
262Polish Investment & Trade Agency – Nairobi Office Limited
263Polucon Services Kenya Limited
264Ponea Health Limited 
265Pricewaterhouse Coopers Limited
266Prideinn Hotels & Investment Limited
267Primavera Farms Limited
268Procter & Gamble Distribution East Africa Limited
269PTG Limited
270Purple Valley Limited 
271Ravenswood Limited
272Redhouse Group Limited
273Rentco East Africa Limited
274Rentworks  East Africa Limited
275Rescue Integrated Initiative Limited
276Resolution Health Limited
277Riwarki Limited 
278Robson Harris Advocates Limited
279Royal  Flora Holland  Kenya Limited
280RSM Eastern Africa LLP
281RWK & Associates CPA(K)
282S.L.O. Industrial Projects & Consulting Limited
283Safaricom Limited
284Saillon Pharma Limited
285Sanergy Limited
286Saola Maternity Home
287SAP East Africa
288Sarova Hotels Limited
289Sayani Investments Limited
290Schneider Electric (K) Limited
291Scope and Impact Limited
292Senaca East Africa Limited
293Sensei Institute of Technology Limited
294SGS Kenya Limited
295Shammah International Agency Limited
296Shartlon Security and private Investigation Services Company Limited
297Sheth Naturals Limited 
298Shop It Limited
299ShopIT Limited
300Simba Corporation Limited
301SNDBX International 
302Snetor East Africa Limited
303Social Performance Advisory Limited
304Sojitz East Africa Limited
305Sokowatch Limited
306Solid Link International Limited
307Sowitec Kenya Limited
308Space & Style Limited
309Spart Freight Logistics Limited
310Springyield Services Limited
311Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited
312Star Beam Ventures Limited
313Starture Enterprises Limited
314Sunculture Kenya Limited
315Sunvine Africa Limited
316Tactive Consulting Group Limited 
317Tamokwe Agency Limited
318Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited
319Tech Innovators Network Think Tank Limited 
320Tecnofin Kenya Limited
321Telescope Medical Techologies 
322Telesky Limited 
323Tetra Pak Limited
324The Karen Hospital
325Tira Studio 
326Tokoyasu  Solutions Limited
327Transport & Lifting Services Limited
328Trinity Energy (Kenya) Limited
329Trinity Magnolia Printers 
330Trulink Solutions Limited
331Twiga Chemical Industries Limited
332Twiga Foods Limited 
333UAP Insurance Company Limited
334Uber Kenya Limited
335Ultravetis East Africa Limited
336Upfield Kmeya Limited
337Urembo Hub Limited 
338Uwezo Wetu Foundation 
339Vantage Homes Limited 
340Vegemark Limited
341Venturelift Africa (VLA Capital Advisors) 
342Victory Farms Limited 
343Vintage Baby Kenya Limited
344VISA International Service Association
345VitalRay Health Solutions 
346Viva Africa Consulting LLP
347Vivo Energy Kenya Limited
348Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre)
349Wells Fargo Limited
350Wellwise Healthcare Solutions Limited
351Westminister Trade & Tax LLP
352Woolworths (K) PTY Limited
353Work Experience and Mentorship Academy Limited
354Zawadi Brand Solutions Limited
355Zenka Finance Limited