KEPSA has a Business Hub which is a strategic business unit within the organization birthed from strategic partnerships that it has entered into around the world and in Kenya with the sole purpose of enhancing trade and investments both locally and internationally. The key benefactors of the business hub’s activities are our membership and the country (Kenya).The Business Hub is a catalyst for economic growth linking private sector as well as acting as bridge to public sector both locally and internationally. KEPSA will develop and roll out training services for KEPSA members to enhance investment readiness and provide strategic linkage to capital sources for KEPSA’s membership to invest in bankable projects. The Business Hub will also contribute to our sustainability agenda as we develop a sustainable model for the commercialization of services offered to members and private sector at large.

Below are the key services offered by KEPSA Business Hub;

  1. Conduct private sector inbound and outbound trade missions.
  2. Offer world class end to end services for potential investors including provision of market intelligence information and other investor information.
  3. Enhance intergovernmental relations in order to facilitate private sector trade and investment.