KEPSA Foundation, in partnership with UNICEF is implementing the “Better Business Practices for Children (BBPC) initiative” aimed at Improving maternal and infant nutrition through making the workplaces mother and baby friendly. The two year project, which commenced in June 2016, focuses on strengthening technical capacity, lobbying and continued advocacy with private sector employers who are members of KEPSA to implement the components of BBPC in a bid to promote and achieve the recommended breastfeeding practices by WHO and UNICEF.

Good practices on mother and baby friendliness in work places exist in Kenya among the Private Sector, following the 2010 launch and signing of a statement of commitment for Better Business Practice for Children by the MOH, KEPSA and UNICEF. However, such are few and are implemented by leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).The “Better Business Practices for Children initiative”, is to help enhance best breastfeeding practices in both large and smaller companies which can be replicated at a higher scale.

The essential components of Better Business Practices for Children are;

  • Compliance with paid maternity leave under the Kenyan employment act of 2007
  • Review work place policies on flex time, including the flexibility for short breaks to express breast milk, to support women who are exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months after delivery
  • Promote and support exclusive breastfeeding through work place sensitization
  • Providing a designated clean, private area for mothers to express breast-milk or breastfeed their babies
  • Providing supportive environment including appropriate furniture (chair/table) and access to water and soap  to clean storage items

The project also targets to support the work of the Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) national program by complementing the Ministry of Health plans to promote, support and protect breastfeeding as a right of both the mother and the child.