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10 Aug
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ANTI-CORRUPTION INITIATIVE LAUNCH; Movement against corruption


KEPSA Foundation as part of the National Multi-sectoral forum co-hosted a multi-sectoral forum on 9th August 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel to the launch the anti-corruption initiative under the theme “Movement against Corruption”.

The National Multi-sectoral Forum is a platform for engagement with leaders from various sectors of the society around a unified and well-coordinated multi-sectoral approach to national development and achievement of the Vision 2030 based on a diverse and inclusive partnership model. It draws its sectoral representation from the Private sector; Religious Community; Media; Professionals; Youth; Women; Trade unions; Civil Society; Academia, Research and Development; and Diaspora.

The launch brought together representatives from the different sectors as well as the Development partners represented by the US Ambassador, H.E Amb. Robert Godec and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) represented by the CEO Mr. Halake Wako.

As part of their key programs and in light of the recent activities at the National level, the National Multi-sectoral’ s immediate area of focus is around anti-corruption and promoting National values.

In her welcoming remarks, Ms. Florah Mutahi, the immediate former Chair of KAM and current Chair of Anti-Counterfeit Agency urged that there is need for Kenyans to say enough is enough where corruption is concerned “If we don’t stop this who will? We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to take matters into our own hands and make a difference” she said while highlighting the importance of committing to the cause.

Arch. Lee Karuri, Chairman of the KEPSA Foundation, in his opening remarks elaborated that in launching this initiative, the movement against corruption aims at having a collaborated and coordinated approach to fight corruption within the sectors as well as compliment the efforts of the government to contribute towards the much needed strategies to fight corruption and secure the nation for today and future generations.

He highlighted that corruption is an issue of high concern because of the damage that it has done to the Nation and that is why there is need to come together and say enough is enough and work together to reverse the plunder, looting and corruption in our country so that Kenya can grow and prosper.

In conclusion Arch. Lee noted that this anti-corruption effort must start with the individual and in line with this, the forum shall be mobilizing the citizens of Kenya to have no more tolerance to corruption, “Together we shall win, together we shall save the nation and shall secure it for the future generation”, he concluded.

Representing the media, Mr. Wilfred Kiboro, Chairman of Nation Media and Mr. Bidan Mbugua both reiterated that the time has come to declare war on corruption. In his remarks, Mr. Kiboro highlighted that in war one must be firm and ready to fight for as long as it takes, with courage and conviction and with the belief that the war will be won. In encouragement he said, “Let us not underestimate our consolidated power and the power of the people, corruption is a big monster but together we are bigger than corruption and we can slay it”. He also noted that the media has the ability to reach each and every citizen and this is where their efforts will best come in.

Fr. Joseph Mutie, Chairman of the IRCK, representing the Religious sector, while expressing support from the religious leaders noted that, “Corruption feeds insecurity and conflict and also drives poverty and inequality, it threatens the trust between the people and the governments as well as the confidence of the leadership in the institutions that we have”. He further highlighted that corruption continues to have devastating and far reaching consequences on the lives of Kenyans today and if care is not taken this will lead to disservice to our future generations. “Unless the country deals with corruption decisively service deliver in the country will continue to be compromised”, he said.

Fr. Mutie also noted that the fight against corruption cannot be left to Government alone, it is a collective responsibility that calls for full support from all sectors of the economy. No single person can eliminate corruption and it is for this reason that synergy and partnerships are encouraged. In conclusion, he informed that religious leaders have converged under the National Dialogue Group to deliberate on anti-corruption measures and engage members of public to identify specific measures that will be adopted to fight corruption.

Daisy Amdany of Crawn Trust, speaking on behalf of women, noted that corruption should be looked at not just in terms of money but also in terms of moral corruption and lack of accountability. She observed that there is need to create a culture of Integrity and have a value system that rejects corruption. Kenya is a country that has huge potential and leaders need to lead from the front.

H.E Amb. Robert Godec in his address appreciated the forum and lauded its inclusivity of all sectors, he noted that to end corruption there is need for a national movement and a sustained campaign that is addressed across all levels and sectors. He further urged that it would take strong law enforcement, strong institutions and systems and enduring commitment to win the war. The Ambassador confirmed that the United States will stand with all Kenyans committed to the fight in this regard will continue to deny visa’s to those who are guilty or implicated in corruption.

Representing the EACC, the CEO Mr. Halake Wako also expressed appreciation of the work of the multi-sectoral forum and the support to his office citing that one of the greatest challenge is the lack of support from the public. He reiterated that the most important person in the fight is the common Mwananchi. He further committed that his office will continue to carry out its mandate to fight corruption within the process and systems set out.

Following the launch a National anti-corruption conference is to be held in October 2018.

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