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06 Apr
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Mr. Peter Macharia is a graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science who works for an ICT company in Nakuru. He heard about Ajira digital program from his friend who had earlier attended a seminar on the same. News about the program came when he had just completed his studies and was working as an IT intern and earning a small stipend that catered for his daily upkeep.  Mr. Macharia had also learnt of online work through his friends who were working and earning from online jobs. He knew online work was real and could provide him with a side hustle to supplement his pay. This motivated him to apply for the training.

Prior to Ajira Digital training, Mr. Macharia had tried his hand on article writing on, but he was not successful. He says the training on online work while working in Nakuru equipped him with significant knowledge on how to open online work accounts and build his profile; a task he had previously tried to achieve but had failed.  He further acquired skills in his area of interest, online writing.

After completing the training, Mr. Macharia decided to practice the knowledge and skills he acquired over the one week training on his own due to time constraints. As a result, he chose to offer his skillset on the Fiverr platform which he found intriguing and aligned with his goals. He thus created a gig on data entry and analysis, transcription, translation and web design. He later opened additional online work accounts on Gotranscript and Upwork.

As a result of the training, Peter earns an income from both bidding and sub-contracted jobs. He however admits the latter does not pay well. Nonetheless, he has earned more than $1600 on Fiverr and Gotranscript. He utilizes the earning to meet his household expenses and grow his savings. In the near future, he hopes to reach the $2000 mark on Fiverr platform and rise to the rank of Second Level Seller. This will increase his access to more tasks and income.

Time management and client relations skills are critical when undertaking online work. These skills have not only helped Mr. Macharia to continuously receive positive customer reviews for every online task accomplished, but also bagged him a longtime client who has tasked him with the development of an examination system for school kids.

Though Mr. Macharia’s online work journey is majorly successful, he admits he has incessantly struggled with finding a balance between his day job and online work. He therefore works at the office during the day and works online in the evenings and weekends. Consequently, he has had to relinquish most of his recreation activities to focus on online work.

Separately, Peter mentors other youth on how to open online accounts, how to place gigs and how to deliver quality work for clients. As a result, some of his mentees are actively bidding for online jobs in various fields of online work.

Mr. Peter is optimistic that he will soon find time to upgrade his skills on online work. He also hopes to add mobile app development to his skillset in order to increase his income. Furthermore, he is focused on creating a vibrant online brand of himself that will attract more clients thus earning him a decent and stable income. This will eventually allow him to pursue online work in full time basis.

Mr. Peter applauds Ajira Digital for giving him an opportunity to earn an extra income and support his livelihood.

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