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28 Mar
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Mr. Enock Kipkorir is a University graduate living in Nairobi County. He came across an article on Ajira Digital program in the online Business Daily newspaper in April 2017. At the time, he was working on contractual jobs and was earnestly looking for an opportunity to earn an extra income.  Therefore, news about the training on online work prompted him to research further on the program.

Though Mr. Kipkorir had experience in academic writing, he was drawn to attend the new online workers’ training so as to diversify his skills on online work. Mr. Kipkorir admits that his subsequent registration and selection to attend Ajira training at Kenyatta University in Nairobi was timely. To him, Ajira was a blessing as the training equipped him with a variety of online work skills that he had no idea about.

Enock says he gained three important skills from the training that is; financial management, customer relations and time management. He attests the most notable lesson was on online security which would later help him to weed out scams from his online pursuits. In addition, the financial literacy lesson trained him on sound financial management and instilled him with investment ideas that he had not initially thought of.

Despite the fact that Mr. Kipkorir did not manage to get through mentorship, his determination and desire to grow an online career and earn income has enabled him succeed in online work. As a result, he is working and earning in online writing on Upwork and Cloud Factory (a local online work platform for Kenyans). He pinpoints time management and communication skills as crucial in bidding and getting work from online platforms.

Currently, he gets online jobs from both bidding and sub-contracted jobs from other freelancers. To date, online writing has earned him over kes 150,000; money that supports his livelihood and forms part of his savings.

Conversely, Enock says that he encounters a few challenges in online work such as; problematic clients, poor access to the internet and tight deadlines.  He then has to ensure that he manages his time and resources well so as to deliver his client’s work without fail. Despite the challenges, Mr. Kipkorir finds time in his busy schedule to mentor and encourage other youth to pursue online writing. As a result of his efforts, a number of his mentees are already earning from online work.

Moreover, he has achieved several successes after participating in Ajira. Firstly, online work has made him a boss of his own as he is able to set his own work schedules and choose the clients he works for. Secondly, he has built a stable and decent income to support his livelihood and as such, he is able to provide basic needs for his family, pay school fees for his children and support other family members.

In five years’ time, Mr. Kipkorir hopes to be a consultant in online writing and an ambassador of online work in Kenya. He testifies youth in Kenya can afford a decent life through earnings made from online work, the level of education notwithstanding. He says youth interested in online work require three attributes; skills of working with a computer, a skillset to offer the world and the will to succeed.

For Enock, digital work is his bread and butter and for this, he applauds Ajira Digital training for exposing him to the numerous job opportunities available on the internet.

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