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06 Jul
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Rehab Wanjiru is a law graduate living in Kahawa Sukari in Nairobi. She heard about Ajira Digital project through the internet and got interested about the program. Before Ajira, Ms. Wanjiru was working online on sub-contracted academic writing and proof-reading jobs from a local online work freelancer. Her ability to view Ajira Digital as a platform for self-employment motivated her to submit her application online.  She was later invited to attend the training at Kenyatta university training center, where she learnt that there are other jobs online apart from writing.


It was through the Ajira Digital training that Ms. Wanjiru first learnt about and grew interest in virtual assistance. She appreciates one of the trainers, Ms. Mulii, for training the youth on the skills and tactics of the job. Since her online work journey began, Ms. Wanjiru confesses that her biggest challenge has been working with clients from different time zones especially as a nursing mother. She has however gradually learnt the art of balancing work and family.

Sequentially, Ms. Wanjiru’s effort and determination to succeed in online work has led her to win several bids on Upwork, out of which she has managed to subcontract a few jobs to other rising freelancers. In fact, she has earned a good sum of money from online work with which she pays her bills and invests in farming and real estate. Additionally, she has trained a few people in her neighbourhood on online jobs to whom she provides free internet and inculcates online work skills. Consequently, Ms. Wanjiru is happy to have recorded two success stories from her trainees who make at least 100$ weekly on Upwork.

In the near future, Ms. Wanjiru hopes to establish an online company that will be offering virtual assistant services such as calendar management, email handling and customer service to individuals and companies.  She is optimistic that her online enterprise will employ young professionals and offer training and mentorship to other youth interested in online work. Ms. Wanjiru applauds Ajira Digital project for equipping her with requisite skills to work and earn online. She conclusively upholds that online work is beneficial and pays.

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