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14 Jun
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Mr. Josephat Wambugu is a degree holder in Computer Science living in Nyeri town. He heard about Ajira Digital training from his friend in early June 2017. At the time, Mr. Wambugu’s work contract at the Nyeri County had just ended. He outrightly knew that Ajira Digital program had come at the right time and would change his life in numerous ways. Accordingly, Mr. Wambugu submitted his online application on Ajira Digital website, and he was invited for the training at Cooperative University in Meru.


Earlier on, Mr. Wambugu had, upon completion of his degree, started learning online academic writing from a friend. He did IT papers, thesis writing and dissertation papers for local and international students. He also managed to open an Upwork account which was approved prior to joining the Ajira Digital program. However, he neither knew how to bid for jobs nor write a good proposal.


Ajira Digital training was therefore valuable for him as he gained wide knowledge on the different online work platforms and the types of jobs available in the online work marketplace. He also acquired skills on how to start working online. Further, Ajira Digital training equipped him with skills on how to write a good proposal, how to place a bid and rules to observe before placing bids.


After the training, Mr. Wambugu was linked to an experienced online work freelancer for one-month handholding mentorship. So determined was he to succeed that he got his first online job two weeks into the mentorship. While he was excited to have landed a job online, he was later disappointed to learn that the client’s payment system was unverified. He had submitted work that he would never get paid for; and in the process lost $100. This unnerved him and he turned to his mentor for guidance; from whom he learnt tips to identify online job scams, the measures he should take before accepting a job offer, and the safest ways to work online.


During the mentorship, Mr. Wambugu was able to identify his area of interest, know the type of jobs to accept, and learned how to apply for the jobs. Besides, the mentor provided him different links and educational stories from which to learn new skills; and shared with him easier online work platforms to help him to get started in online work.


Currently, Mr. Wambugu earns from a variety of online jobs to include virtual assistance, technical support services and customer support. He has since completion of training and mentorship won several bids on online jobs. As such, Mr. Wambugu prefers to grow his online work account to sub-contracted jobs from other freelancers. As a result of his determination and effort on Upwork, Mr. Wambugu has to date earned over $6600 from online jobs; money that sustains his family.


Moreover, Mr. Wambugu prides himself in having worked with one of the biggest companies in USA through Upwork. As a result of working online, he has improved his online work skills and grown his network of clients and freelancers. Below is a link to one of the companies that he has worked for as technical and customer support specialist.


Besides working and earning from online jobs, Mr. Wambugu enjoys writing short articles and poetry at his personal blog which is still under development and can be found here:


Furthermore, Mr. Wambugu has managed to train other youth on online work. The few who have been persistent are working online and earning from online jobs. Mr. Wambugu is convinced that persistence is the key for beginners to achieve success in online work.


Though online work is highly rewarding, Mr. Wambugu reveals that he encounters several challenges when working online. These include: clients who demand for native speakers, and the strict rule by Upwork that require an online work account to have attained at least 80% job success rate and several worked hours. Besides, there are conmen who fail to pay for completed work.


However, these obstacles have not dampened Mr. Wambugu’s willpower to excel in online work. In fact, he hopes to establish his own online business agency in five years’ time, and employ other youth who can work on different online work projects. His ultimate goal is to grow into an employer who can rely on online work as his primary source of income while encouraging digital nomadism for job providers.



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