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16 Apr
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Mr. Joel Muthiri lives in Eldoret and recently cleared his university studies in Agricultural Engineering. He heard about Ajira Digital on a KBC radio show and since he was about to graduate and start job hunting, he decided to apply for the Ajira training. Mr. Muthiri attended the first week of training at Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology in Nakuru.

At the training, Mr. Muthiri learnt various skills on online work; the most outstanding for him was account opening especially in Upwork which was very difficult to open previously. He appreciates the online work training for introducing him to numerous online work platforms and equipping him with knowledge on bidding. After the training, Mr. Muthiri underwent the one-month handholding mentorship program. He appreciates his mentor for responding to his questions on online work and for helping him to overcome challenges faced when starting out on online work.

Further, through the mentor, Mr. Muthiri learnt a lot on the bidding process, budgeting and time management. In addition, he was able to get a sample bid for virtual assistant from his mentor. This helped him to bid for online jobs successfully and to get his first job. Currently, Mr. Muthiri is earning from Upwork and Guru Platforms in Virtual Assistance jobs and has won several bids.

To date, Mr. Muthiri has earned over $1,000 from online work. He uses his earnings from online work for his daily upkeep. Besides, Mr. Muthiri has managed to mentor some of his friends. Consequently, he is delighted with one of his mentees who is still in campus and earning about $500 a month as a result of his mentorship.

Mr. Muthiri says that he is still building his portfolio on online work on Upwork. He is happy to receive positive ratings from his clients after successfully accomplishing tasks. These ratings are very important in winning bids in future. Mr. Muthiri admits that the longer you do online work, the more you build your portfolio and the more you earn.

On the contrary, Mr. Muthiri experiences various challenges in online work; for instance, he sometimes wins a lot of bids which he cannot handle alone; and this pushes him to work for long and odd hours. At other times, the online work platforms run out of jobs and he has to keep searching. Further, Mr. Muthiri is yet to pursue additional online work training courses besides the Ajira training.

Mr. Muthiri anticipates that in five years’ time, he will have scaled his online work experience to the level of sub-contracting online jobs to new online work freelancers. His greatest hope is to increase his earnings and build an online career that will enable him to become a netpreneur. Before Ajira, Mr. Muthiri had not engaged in online work but had heard about it. He confesses that Ajira has changed his life; he is now able to earn and use the money to support his livelihood.


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