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01 Dec
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Samuel Kariuki is a Bachelor’s Degree graduate living in Nyeri County. Kariuki says he first heard of online work in 2004 but never gave it a try until in 2009. He had a little experience on online work as he had tried it since 2010 with little success. Through the years, he says he has been eager to gain more knowledge and skills on how to be successful by doing online work. When he heard the government was launching training for online workers through the Ajira Digital Programme, he then decided to register. This earned him an invitation to attend the first week of training at Kenyatta University, Nairobi.

After the training, Samuel was attached to a mentor and successfully completed the one month mentorship. Though the mentorship was conducted through a WhatsApp group, he says he was contented with the skills and experience that he received from his mentor on blogging. Since then, he has used the valuable skills gained to create his blog ( He appreciates his mentor for the guidance into getting started as a blogger.               

He further acknowledges the resourcefulness of the Ajira training as he was trained on various skills including; how to communicate with clients, how to apply for jobs and how to write articles.

“These are some of the skills that have greatly impacted my online freelancing career. Currently, I am actively bidding for online jobs, working and earning on Upwork. Since the Ajira training, I have earned over Kes 200, 000 on Upwork and Kes 3000 on my blog. I am a young Kenyan raising a family and all my living expenses are met through earnings made from online work. I also save a chunk of the earnings and invest in property.” Samuel says.

In addition to the training received from Ajira Digital, he has pursued Blogging and Writing courses available online and being delivered virtually. In addition he says that he has so far spent Kes 10, 000 on these courses which he considers a worthy investment as he has gained rich skills on blogging and writing.

Besides growing his online career, He has developed an online training course that offers training to youths who are willing to be trained on online work. The course is based on the Ajira training and the other courses he has gained on online work. Below is the link to the course.

He believes that the Future works Online. He has therefore based his future in the online work arena. Consequently, he plans to have a successful online job training course and earn money from offering insights and trainings on this field. He has already started writing about getting started with online work in his blog, which is dedicated to giving information to new online workers about online work. He hopes to start an agency in the near future with the objective of getting a string of online jobs and later outsource other freelancers.

He concludes by encouraging Kenyan youths and anyone who is looking for work to embrace online work as it is easy to start and with specific skills one can make a living out of it.  According to him, Ajira Digital program has really changed his life because he can now work online on full-time basis with a clear path of growth in his career.

‘I went to Ajira looking for the future that online work offers, and I have found it,’ Samuel affirms.

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