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10 May
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Africa has a great resource of young people who are eager to drive the economy through their innovative and enterprising minds. Kenya also happens to have one of the most innovative, not to mention educated and skilled youth populations in the continent.

For instance, the 2019 EF EPI (Education First English Proficiency Index) ranked Kenya at position 18 out of 100 in the world on English proficiency. Interestingly, this ranking puts us above several European and developed countries where English is taught or spoken from an early age. The fact that we have highly skilled and educated youth means that our youth can also compete in the global marketplace by taking up online jobs alongside other freelancers from all over the world.

In Coast region, a young innovative and enterprising man, Joseph Mjomba, has put into good use the digital skills acquired through Ajira Digital Program by venturing into web development. Joseph, explained how the Program challenged him to see the various possible businesses opportunities in the digital space and created a platform under the domain name that offers Kenyans a marketplace to access professional, reliable & affordable Fundis while also giving fundis in the region visibility to potential customers. Through this business, Joseph earns over Ksh. 10,500 every month through subscription, advertisements and marketing solutions available.

This is one proof that digital work is not a temporal income source or a place for a young person to start as they wait on ‘work’ but it is serious work that can be a full-time job. Hence, it is paramount for businesses to take advantage of these digital talents that can offer great solutions such as reduction of cost and capacity solutions making it possible for the business to concentrate on their core business. This will also ensure sustainable digital opportunities.

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