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09 Nov
By: Ferdinand Musungu 0


On the 29th October 2020, Sustainable Inclusive Business through its Program Manager, Mr. Ebenezer Amadi, participated in the launch of the Africa CSR Connect; developed to equip the CSR ecosystem stakeholders with necessary tools and technology solutions for discovery, fulfilment and engagement resulting in better transparency and efficiency of the entire CSR lifecycle. This came at a time when the country has been having conversations on building back better.

Sustainable Inclusive Business believes that the New Business Mindset is about being Future Proof! Creating a successful business model requires a balance between People, the Planet, and Profits. Sustainable Inclusive Business also believes that every business can contribute to a sustainable economy and that there has to be a relationship between business, society, and nature.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the private sector business community has been taking lead and uniting to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19 to the public, especially the most vulnerable communities. These efforts have played a critical role in dealing with the challenges presented by the pandemic, and in uplifting the most vulnerable members.

To give them a platform to partner up and create a bigger and sustainable impact, Sustainable Inclusive Business launched an online partner-up platform, where private businesses showcased their CSR activities related to Covid-19. We have as a result helped them form partnerships to boost their activities aimed not only at easing short-term challenges, but also at creating long-term solutions towards a future proof sector, and a better world to co-exist.

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