About The Foundation

As part of its long-term sustainability strategy recommended in the new Business Strategy, KEPSA embarked on a process leading to development of a KEPSA Foundation; the Board of 10 Trustees has been formally constituted with Chairman Arch. Lee Karuri, Vice Chair Eng. Patrick Obath, Treasurer Gloria Ndekei and Secretary Carole Kariuki (KEPSA CEO).

The focus and mandate of the KEPSA Foundation is to offer sustainability of funds for KEPSA’s core activities. Secondly, the Foundation will engage and devote its resources to social programmes and activities that focus on youth empowerment, peace and national cohesion alongside Corporate Social Responsibility through social interventions in support of the national development agenda.

The Foundation will specifically focus on 8 key thematic sectors namely: Governance, Nationhood, Peace and Security; Employment and Entrepreneurship; Human Resource Development; Food Security; Environment and Conservation; Education and; Health which will be anchored under 3 key pillars:

  • Sustainability Pillar: Look at potential investment areas to ensure sustainability of KEPSA.
  • Knowledge Institute: Harness information within KEPSA that will be useful to KEPSA members’ e.g. Investment/business opportunities, economy, climate etc. The institute will thus become an aggregator of business information.
  • Social Economic Transformation Pillar: Looks at social sectors that support business community and country at large

Foundation Trustees

Arch. Lee Karuri – Chairperson Dr. Joe Wanjui – Trustee
Eng. Patrick Obath – Vice Chair Dr. Manu Chandaria – Trustee
Ms. Gloria Ndekei – Treasurer Mr. Polycarp Igathe – Trustee
Ms. Carole Kariuki – Secretary Mr. Arun Devani – Trustee
Amb. Dennis Awori – Trustee Mr. Bill Lay – Trustee