Our Mandate

The voice of private sector in Kenya

Our Vision

To become a world class private sector apex body

Our Mission

Ensure year-on- year improvement in overall business environment of Kenya by working together with the Government and other stakeholders

The KEPSA Foundation was launched on 15th April 2015 to champion socio economic transformation of Kenya through partnership with the Government, County Governments and all other local and international organizations that share the objective.

The Foundation was established following the inception and implementation of two key social projects; Mkenya Daima (2012), a National cohesion initiative that was geared towards peaceful elections and the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (2010 – 2015), a youth employability project focused on Private Sector training and internship. KEPSA saw the need to take up a more proactive role in the creation and implementation of social interventions aimed at meeting the social economic challenges facing the country.

The Foundation is a legal entity and the social arm of KEPSA, registered under the Trustees Act in Kenya with a mandate to engage and devote its resources to social activities by the Private sector that contribute to the economic and social development in Kenya in relation to the vulnerable members of the Kenyan Society. This is by hosting and facilitating its own and other institutional projects.

KEPSA Foundation seeks focus on social issues in sectors aimed at improving the business environment namely; National Value System; Governance, Ethics and Sound Business Practices; Security; Environmental and Water Conservation, Enterprise Development and Productivity, Education, Health, Youth, Women and Gender Empowerment and Children Welfare. These thematic areas are anchored on 3 key pillars:

  1. Sustainability Pillar – Looking at potential investment areas to ensure sustainability of KEPSA and KEPSA Foundation
  2. Social Economic Transformation Pillar – Looking at social sectors that support the business community and country at large
  3. Knowledge Institute -Harnessing information within KEPSA that will be useful to KEPSA members’ e.g. Investment/business opportunities, economy, climate etc. The institute will thus become an aggregator of business information

 To effectively carry out its vision the Foundation has a board of 14 Trustees who guide its strategic and policy direction.