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06 Oct
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Export Council vouches for stronger partnership to improve Kenya’s export competitiveness

Export Council vouches for stronger partnership to improve Kenya’s export competitiveness 

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) is reaching out to various players to partner with them in order to increase Kenya’s Export competitive in the global market.  The EPC Chair who also doubles as KEPSA Director, Mr. Jaswinder Bedi called on Kenyans to reconsider their mindset on locally made brands in order to increase domestic trade. He was speaking during a Breakfast Forum for players in Export Trade on how to improve Kenya Export Market. The Forum is one in the series EPC is conducting as it gears towards celebrating 25 years since its formation.  He also informed the participants that EPC is conducting an Impact analysis of various global changes and developments in regard to Kenya export market access eg. Brexit, EPAs, AGPOA etc


Meanwhile, the KEPSA Agriculture Sector Board Vice – Chair, Ms. Jane Ngige, called on closer linkages between exports and imports. She noted that these linkages will add value to our goods and services thereby increasing their competitiveness. She called on the implementation of various trade facilitating laws among theme Trade Remedy Act, National Trade Policy, National Export Strategy and the Special Economic Zones Act. She went on to emphasize on the need to strengthen the negotiations capacity for international trade agreements in order to maximize Kenya’s market access.

During the Forum, the Chief Guest, Dr. Chis Kiptoo, Permanent Secretary, State Department of Trade (SDT) re-affirmed the Ministry’s commitment to support export trade and the wider private sector. He confirmed that the new EPC Board is aligned to private sector in order to support the business community. He noted that the Ministry is working with County Government in order to modernize the market infrastructure in Kenya.  This way the market will stimulate domestic trade and market access.  To reduce middlemen, the Ministry is developing the Commodity Exchange (COMEX) that will improve the value chain system.  He also informed the meeting that the Negotiation Council will be launched in November. The Council will provide policy advisory and capacity to Kenyan negotiators for better trade agreements.

The forum was attended by public trade facilitating agencies as well as the private sector players in expert trade.

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