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14 Jul
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MKenya Daima holds a private sector members breakfast meeting

 MKenya Daima holds a private sector members breakfast meeting


MKenya Daima held a breakfast meeting with the private sector members on Monday 10th July, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi. The meeting included members from the different industry sectors who had converged to discuss matters concerning election preparedness and how the upcoming elections will affect the business environment in the country.

MKenya Daima was represented by members of the steering Committee led by the Chair, Mr. Vimal Shah. In attendance was KEPSA Chairman Mr. Nick Nesbitt, member of the advisory committee Mr. Mike Eldon. The key message to the private sector members was to take up the initiative of pushing and spreading the peace messages to others, since this is a collective responsibility of each one of us.

KEPSA CEO, Carole Kariuki in her introductory remarks, reminded the members that politics is too important to be left to politicians and that it was prudent for this meeting to be held at such a time so as to discuss matters concerning elections and possible scenarios that may come about with this.

The first presentation was highlighting what Mkenya Daima is, why the initiative was established and the whole journey that Mkenya Daima has gone through since its inception. This presentation was key since it gave the members a snapshot of the importance of this worthwhile initiative and why it was necessary for the members to continuously support the it not only before the elections but also after so as to continue pushing the message of peace and cohesion to all Kenyans .

In his presentation Mr. Vimal noted that Kenya is one of the most democratic countries in the region and is not only a financial and business hub but also a safe haven for many and there is need to sustain this. He requested the members to be more pro-active than just having a “wait to see attitude” so as to ensure that we have our voice heard as the private sector.

Mr. Josephat Mwaura took the members through the possible election scenarios

Scenario I: A smooth election where after August 8th we shall have a peaceful, stable and prosperous Kenya

Scenario II: A contested election after August 8 as a result of unmitigated electoral crisis.

The presentation was deliberate so as to remind the members of where we are coming from as a nation and why we need to ensure that we never go back to the incidences experienced in 2007/2008 post-election violence. He pointed out that Kenya is in an electoral crisis and has been since the past general elections. However, the major contribution of this mindset with Kenyans is the fact that people are ignorant of the constitution, electoral laws and election process. He also went ahead to urge the members to be decisive and make up their minds on what it is that they want from the leaders that they intend to vote into power on August 8th, 2017. A question was posed to the members to critically analyze whether their alignment is to a political party or them being arbitrator of peace. Corruption where people compete on interests, deception and divisions along tribal lines are the key things that have led to biasness from all angles in the country. Members were challenged to participate in this year’s elections as observers so as to ensure that the whole process was free, fair and credible.

It was agreed that to enhance participation within the work place, the Mkenya Daima peace pledge should be shared with members so that they can share with their employees, additionally, the Mkenya Daima videos would be shared with the members so that the same message can be cascaded to the employees as well as other networks. The members were also urged to continue preaching the message of peace and remain united. The clarion call was for all to move forward with one agreement, get involved in the space collectively, be bold and speak truth to power and hold leaders to account of truth, honesty and transparency.

Mr. Japh Olende shared with the members the budget estimates that Mkenya Daima requires to be able to undertake the set out activities that it has set aside for the next two months. The budget was coming to approximately Ksh.55M, and members were requested to make donations at the venue and also to pledge so as to continue supporting this worthwhile initiative. Mr. Vimal Shah committed to giving Ksh.5Million at the venue and also requested other members to do the same, or pledge to send their contributions later to support the initiative.

Parting shot for the members was “Kenya is bigger than any of us. Elections will come and go, but Kenya will still remain”.

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