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21 Apr
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KEPSA energy sector board meets

KEPSA energy sector board meets

The Energy and Extractive sector board held its meeting on 21st April 2017 at KEPSA offices where the sector board Vice Chair Mr. Bernard Osawa appreciated the members for the continued support and commitment in advocating on issues affecting the sector.



The meeting kicked off with Mr. Andreas presentation on the nuclear position paper which highlighted the current scenario in the nuclear energy space. The introduction part mainly focused on the installed capacity per sector, the expected energy demand in Kenya and the projected energy production by 2024 based on the ten year power sector expansion plan. The position also looked at the nuclear technology, the advantage and disadvantages of nuclear energy production and recommendations. The members agreed to focus on the economic effect of nuclear power plant in the country and any other concern that is justifiable.

The Independent Power Producer (IPP) taskforce was formed by the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum to work with the private energy sector among other energy stakeholders, to focus majorly on how to lower the cost of power in the country in line with the rule of law. The taskforce was working on a report which has not been finalized but is in its final stages. In addition to that, the solar sector has been working towards exemption of duty and VAT for solar appliances and accessories noting that off-grid solutions are considered as a key option for electrification. The discussion is ongoing and proposed list of exempted products is to be considered at EAC pre-budget level.

In conclusion, the Mombasa oil refinery has been taken over by Kenya Pipeline Company though this is yet to be operationalized. This is what the sub-sector has been advocating for because it will give them more access and create a level of stability in the market.

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