The National Business Agenda II

KEPSA, through the support of our members, is Kenya’s apex business association. Since our inception 10 years ago we have sought to advocate for a better environment for doing business. As a testament to our success, KEPSA’s direct and indirect membership has grown to over 100,000 through our Business Membership Organisations (BMOs).

In 2013, we doubled the number of new members compared to 2012. This year, we are launching a new strategy to reengineer our internal systems and improve our own capacity. In conjunction, the NBA II and our new strategy will serve as an effective force for increasing Kenya’s competitiveness in the coming years. We have several tools at our disposal in steering public dialogue, such as the Presidential Round Table (PRT), Ministerial Stakeholder Forums, and Council of Governors Forum, among others.

Weekly Publications,

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The Insurance Amendment Bill 2016
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