The KEPSA Devolution and Planning Sector Board held the last sector board of year 2016 on 22nd November 2016 at KEPSA offices. The meeting was held to appraise the status of issues members have been advancing in the year 2017 at the various public private dialogue platforms on devolution and recommend issues to advocate for in the year 2017. Key issues discussed include: on multiplicity of regulations and enforcement leading to double taxation and  increased cost of doing business,  the interagency committee report  on county own source revenue was  had not been released by the National Treasury. Members looked forward to accessing this report so as to inform the extent to which the concerns of double taxation and multiplicity of regulations at the national and county government level had been harmonized.

During the meeting it was reported that on 15th November 2016, 50 model laws covering the areas of Agriculture, County Health Services, Culture and Entertainment, Trade Development and Regulation, County Education, County Public Works, and Public participation & Access to Information among others had been launched. The model laws were developed by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning in partnership with  the Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC); to facilitate effective and harmonized legislation in the counties law making process by providing a framework of requirements of the various laws. They are a reference point or guiding tool for legislative drafting at the county level.

The sector board achieved following in the year 2016: Partnership and collaboration with Ministry of Devolution and Planning in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s); established the intergovernmental coordination Policy Dialogue Platform with Intergovernmental Technical Relations Committee (IGRTC). The platform is key in ensuring harmonized approach between National and County Governments. Consequently KEPSA is actively engaged in the IGRTC Agricultural Forum. The sector board also had KEPSA members participate in sectorial forums with Nairobi County Executive committee members and the 3rd Nairobi Governors Round Table.

The sector board will endeavor to engage with state department of planning especially as the review of medium term plan II is ongoing in preparation for the development of medium term plan III in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.